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What is GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out)? -Clickipedia


What GIGO is: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Common mistakes, such as using subpar reporting tactics, relying on a weak strategy or testing too many elements at once, will result in very few meaningful learnings that can be applied to improve your website’s usability and conversion rates.

What GIGO means: Taking photos with a high-quality camera won’t make you a photographer, and owning an expensive car won’t make you a great driver. Testing is more than the tools at your disposal (and there are many). Move your focus to your testing strategy and process. Understand your key demographics. Design tests for conclusive results. Know which elements are worth testing. These are effective ways to keep “garbage” out of your testing queue and give your optimization program the ROI you want.

What to do: Understand the core of A/B testing, be able to justify your testing strategy, create a solid hypothesis and always keep “clean” testing a priority (test a single variable, so you can pinpoint the cause and effect of your test, without noise from other element changes).