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What is a Hybrid Application? -Clickipedia


What a Hybrid Application is: An app that runs inside your device’s native system, similar to a native app. However, instead of remaining completely inside of this native container, hybrid apps utilize your device’s browser engine to access information outside of the app.

Why Hybrid Applications matter: Mobile web applications are accessed via the web and are not installed on your mobile device. Unlike native apps, mobile web applications can’t launch functions such as your camera or local storage. Native apps are conveniently stored on the user’s device, but can be costly and time consuming to update. Hybrid apps fall somewhere in between these two types to highlight the best of both.

The bottom line: Hybrid apps may function with or without network connectivity, can integrate with your device’s operating system, as well as web-based services and utilizes an embedded browser for greater access to dynamic content on the web. This may lead to improved user satisfaction and higher conversion rates.