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What is Latent Conversion? -Clickipedia


What Latent Conversion is: Visitor behavior that occurs after the initial visit to your website.

Why Latent Conversion matters: If your only goal is to increase one-off conversions, it won’t matter very much. But if you want to truly measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, this is a metric you’ll want to watch.

What Latent Conversion looks like: You’re running an effort, say a PPC campaign, and tracking conversions directly linked to click-throughs from your ad. But there’s bad news: your campaign doesn’t appear to increase conversions like you’d hoped. At this point, you might be tempted to shut it down. But by tracking latent conversions, you can assess the impact your campaign had on users after their initial visit, even if they didn’t convert right away.

The takeaway: People visit, click away, do other research and return to the site they liked the most. So don’t stop tracking after the initial visit, or worse—rush to assume your campaign was a bust. The second, third and following visits could increase your revenue as much as the first.

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