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What is Permission Marketing? -Clickipedia


What Permission Marketing is: When marketers seek permission from a user before continuing contact.

When Permission Marketing is used: In email, search or direct marketing. Prior to sending emails, newsletters or catalogs, marketers will obtain explicit permission from users; in search marketing, permission is implied. When a user completes a search engine query, the return on their request for information may also include paid results, as long as the information is relevant to their search.

Why Permission Marketing is used: Permission marketing is a symbiotic relationship between the marketer and consumer.

The benefit: By gaining permission and only serving up desired content to users, your message will be more warmly received. In addition, your users have told you exactly what they want, which gives you a distinct advantage over those using more ambiguous marketing methods: you can create a more targeted message for consumers and increase your chances of seeing a lift in your KPIs.