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What is a Purchase Cycle? -Clickipedia


What a Purchase Cycle is: The stages a user goes through while making a purchase

What a Purchase Cycle looks like: 


  • Identify and acknowledge the need for goods or services

Information Search

  • Perform background research on the goods or services desired

Evaluation of Alternatives

  • Compare product options, including price, specs, brand and other specific attributes to each of their options

Decision to Purchase

  • Complete conversion

Post-Conversion Behavior

  • Based on purchase experience, consumers discover they have loyalty, indifference or distain for your product, service or brand. This can influence any future interactions with your company.

Why Purchase Cycles matter: Identifying where different visitors are in your buying cycle can help you create messaging that best resonates with users. The most effective messaging techniques can be discovered through A/B testing, which can help reduce visitors’ anxiety and encourage more conversions.