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What is a SiteCatalyst Data Warehouse? -Clickipedia


What a SiteCatalyst Data Warehouse is: A feature which allows for data requests that may not be completed through the standard SiteCatalyst report interface.

Capabilities include: (1) Correlating two reports that would only be able to be viewed individually in the standard interface and (2) pulling out large data sets that would be too large to otherwise access.

Why SiteCatalyst Data Warehouses matter: It allows marketers and analysts to extract large or complex data sets in raw format to perform their own analysis.

Keep in mind: The Data Warehouse allows for much more detail than your average reporting. Because of this, it can take much longer for the file to be created and sent.

When to use a SiteCatalyst Data Warehouse: When you need advanced data sets that correlate different data points, which are not available through the standard reports.

When to avoid using a SiteCatalyst Data Warehouse: When you need to generate a report quickly and only need basic or common information.