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What is a Unique Visitor? -Clickipedia


What a Unique Visitor is: A metric that helps you identify the number of users who visited your website at least once in a predetermined timeframe. It can also help you differentiate between multiple site visits by the same person or single visits by multiple users.

Another way to see Unique Visitors: An estimation of the rate at which people are introduced to your online brand.

Why Unique Visitors matter: Tracking unique visitors can help brand introductions become more profitable. By analyzing this metric, you can identify (and reduce) friction points a user might encounter along your conversion funnel. For example, your unique visitor metric can show you if users have consistently revisited the same page on your website—this might imply your copy or design is confusing and could benefit from clarification or simplification.

What Unique Visitors are not: 100% accurate. If a user clears cookies from their browser, completes a conversion or visits from a different computer, browser or IP address, they will be counted as an additional unique visitor.

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