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What is Utilization Gap? -Clickipedia


What Utilization Gap is: The discrepancy between the capabilities offered by testing tools and an organization’s ability to take advantage of these features. Though the symptom of the problem typically presents as a request for more powerful tools, the root is an internal lack of appropriate talent, weak testing culture, and inefficient processes.

What Utilization Gap is not: A failure of technology. Indeed, the gap is caused by the rapid advance of testing tools—which are developed at a rate that outpaces practitioner’s ability to make use of them.

 Why Utilization Gap matters: For the developers of high-end testing platforms, the utilization gap is an important indicator of the perceived value of their product. If the user doesn’t understand how to take advantage of advanced features, the perceived value may be much lower than its actual worth. At the same time, testing teams should take complaints about the capabilities of a platform as an indication it may be time to reassess the culture, processes, and competencies of their own program.

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