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What is Visitor Engagement? -Clickipedia


What Visitor Engagement is: The level of visitor involvement with your website, when compared to an explicit set of KPIs.

Keep in mind: Depending on each company’s, or even each situation’s needs, you could measure visitor engagement differently. It is not “one size fits all.”

Why Visitor Engagement matters: Understanding engagement can help you find the strengths of your site along with potential weaknesses. These soft spots can be tweaked through testing and optimization to encourage higher rates of engagement.

How  Visitor Engagement is different: Unlike many optimization tactics, the emphasis of increasing visitor engagement is not always focused on immediate benefits. It encourages long term involvement, loyalty, and advocacy on behalf of the consumer to help your company reach its overall goals.

The bottom line: More than improving your company-consumer relationship, optimizing your website for engagement can help you move the needle on the KPIs you’ve defined.

This post is part of an ongoing Clickipedia series, defining all the terms you need to know for conversion rate optimization. Keep checking back each week to learn more, and don’t forget to check out the whole series.