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What is Webrooming? -Clickipedia


What webrooming is: A shopping behavior in which consumers research products and price shop online, then visit a physical store to evaluate and purchase the product in person. Webroomers are typically concerned with product fit, quality, color or some other personally relevant characteristic that hasn’t been clearly communicated online.

What webrooming is not: Showrooming, which describes a shopping behavior in which consumers browse online while shopping in a physical store.

Why it matters: According to Ad Week, 2014 research from Merchant Warehouse found 47 percent of webroomers don’t want to pay for shipping, 42 percent want to check availability online before purchasing in-store, and 23 percent don’t want to wait for the product to be delivered. Perhaps more compelling is research from Forrester that estimates $1.8 trillion in webrooming sales by 2017.

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