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MOBILE-IZE THIS: Consumers are Mobile-Obsessed – Is Your Company Ready?


It’s a mobile-first world. If your company is not embracing mobile technology, you’re missing opportunities, and that means revenue. But leveraging mobile technologies is more complicated than it seems, especially when you need to improve users’ experiences, increase consumer loyalty, enhance engagement, make employees more productive and boost revenue.

Before you invest in mobile solutions of any kind, including optimization and testing, we want to help you understand the ever-changing, fast-paced mobile environment.

In this series, we’ll take you on a four-part deep dive into all things mobile:

  • Part 1:  Key Insights Into Top Mobile Trends
  • Part 2:  Native Apps vs. Mobile Web – and Why Clients Choose One Over the Other
  • Part 3:  The Ins & Outs of Native App Testing
  • Part 4:  The Opportunities & Obstacles of Mobile Web Testing

Part 1:  Key Insights Into Top Mobile Trends

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, given we’re an experimentation consultancy, that at Brooks Bell, each of our clients touch mobile in some way, shape or form. After all, mobile is changing the way of the world. We are more connected than ever before with the evolution of social media and ease of global access to the Internet.

So, just how much is mobile changing the world?  Here are some stats to get your mobile mind into gear:

Digital is Transforming the Business Landscape

While e-Commerce has been a hot topic of the past few years, mobile commerce is the new frontier. If your content is not mobile optimized, you’re missing business opportunities. Today, customers want — and are coming to expect — rich and intuitive mobile experiences.

How much revenue and conversion is at stake? Let’s take a look at these trends:

Nonetheless, consumers today are—and want to be—connected; and mobile provides the means. Successful companies of all sizes are realizing mobile is not only necessary for survival in today’s digital age, but essential for sustainable business growth. They are creating customer-centric, data-driven mobile marketing strategies, including digital optimization and testing. It sounds simple, but maximizing mobile technologies is complicated. It is not an art, but a science. Organizations that don’t follow this path will most likely fall behind and be forgotten, so it is crucial to determine the *right* mobile strategy. And we can help.

Frequently, we hear people talk about “mobile” in generalities, but there’s a very big difference between native app and mobile web. In part 2 of our “Mobile-ize This” series, we’ll outline the differences between the two. From there, we’ll do a deep dive into each one and share stories from companies that have navigated each path to help you determine which mobile scenario is the best fit for you.

Mike Adams, VP of Optimization Engineering
Mike heads up our team of optimization engineers and oversees strategies as the team executes tests for clients including Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, and Consumer Reports. He has over fifteen years of experience in web development, having previously worked for a digital agency in North Carolina. Mike is a graduate of ECPI College of Technology in Raleigh, NC with a focus in Web Development and IT.

Suzi Tripp, Sr. Director of Experimentation Strategy
At Brooks Bell, Suzi sets the course of action for impact-driving programs while working to ensure the team is utilizing and advancing our test ideation methodology to incorporate quantitative data, qualitative data, and behavioral economics principles. She has over 14 years of experience in the industry and areas of expertise include strategy, digital, communications, and client service. Suzi has a BS in Business Management with a concentration in marketing from North Carolina State.