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Is Your Company Culture Holding Back Optimization? You’re not alone


cultureThis guest post was written by Ian McCaig, CMO at Qubit, a leading technology suite that brings together web personalization, audience segmentation and digital analytics platforms.

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In the past five years, A/B testing has become commonplace. Marketing is no longer the department that relies solely on words and images; instead it has become progressively more data-driven in their approach. Testing viewer’s reactions is as much of a focus as trying to attract attention.

But testing is a complicated endeavor. Understanding statistical concepts and analysis does not happen with the click of a finger. Once the data is collected, you must use it properly, or you won’t get very far. And making functional, accurate use of data remains a challenge in many organizations. In our recent industry survey conducted with Econsultancy, many interviewees emphasized that training the internal teams is daunting and doesn’t always seem the right choice. Simply knowing when to outsource and when to develop resources in-house is a challenge that must be tackled.

Indeed, there’s no golden A/B testing strategy to follow. Every ecommerce team needs to learn by trial and error, the experience of others, and through iterative adaptation to develop an approach that works best for their needs. It requires constant change and improvement—you need a team that can adapt and work together.

Accomplishing this is no simple task and most testing teams encounter a number of hurdles along the way. Forming the best team, including the right competencies and skills is the first challenge. Building buy in and support across the organization—and especially among executives—is another stumbling block. Effective ideation that leads to winning results can be difficult at first. But perhaps the biggest challenge of all is developing a repeatable process that can drive efficiency while maintaining quality and reliability.

There are many strategies for addressing these needs but ultimately, the transition is cultural. And because the growth of a testing team is a cultural transformation, there is no discrete end.

That’s why, whether your testing program is brand new or highly experienced, there’s room for growth and improvement.

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ian_mccaigIan is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Qubit, in charge of shaping the go-to-market strategy as the company expands across North America and Europe. Leading for the helm, Ian is central to developing killer marketing campaigns and getting his hands dirty delivering the next big idea.