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Your customers are evolving. Is your program evolving with them? Take the 21 Day Optimization Challenge


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 1.22.03 PMHow many times have you heard the saying, “It takes 21 days to form a habit?” Most likely, you have heard it a lot recently. January brings the beginning of a new year and—for no other reason than seeing the numbers on your calendar flip from 12 to one—the arbitrary start of something new and great. January is when resolutions are made and the initiative for improvement is forged. We take a little extra time in January to improve our fitness, eat better, spend more wisely, and do whatever habit we want to build to improve our lives. So it seemed fitting to launch a 21-Day Optimization Challenge with our partner, Adobe, today. Tweet_this

Being a digital marketer in today’s world is challenging. Digital marketing is evolving at a lightning fast pace. There are tools to master, customer psychology to learn, and goals to achieve. But some marketers simply go through the motions with their testing programs. They feel they have the tools, people, and process in place to “run a program.” They execute tests, report on learning, and make incremental gains. But they have fallen into a common trap. The core concept behind optimization is to constantly improve; yet sometimes we fail to improve our own programs.

Starting today and continuing for the next 20 days Kevin Lindsay, the Director of Product Marketing of Adobe Target and I will share a specific tip or tactic in the form of a short video to help you kick start the habit of constantly learning and improving your digital marketing program. I am very excited to partner with Kevin and Adobe on this challenge. Adobe Target and the rest of the Adobe Marketing Cloud is the premier solution for the digital marketer.

I’m challenging you to take five minutes out of your day for the next three weeks to improve your marketing. My hope is that the next three weeks causes you to rethink your methodology, refocus strategy on your customer, improve your process, and set your program up for noticeable gains. Your customers are evolving. Your optimization program can evolve with them. Will you take the challenge with me?

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