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Developer Download: How Do I Integrate Google Analytics with Visual Website Optimizer?


Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) has made it extremely easy for you to push your VWO test data into Google Analytics using Custom Variables. While VWO reporting is great, this integration with Google Analytics can provide you with powerful insights, going beyond just the conversion metrics.

When finalizing your test details in the ‘Other’ section; all you have to do is click ‘Edit,’ then enable the ‘Integration with Google Analytics’ checkbox.  From there you can set the Custom Variable Slot and GA Account Prefix if necessary.  That’s it—super easy!

So what would we like to see changed? One issue we ran into is how VWO creates the report name in the Custom Variable slot. It would be awesome if instead of using the test ID number, you could specify the test ID name.

So, for example, right now the report name would be something like “VWO-43.” A better name would be something like “VWO-BB Login Test.”  This will make it easier for your analytics gurus to find the report for a certain test, especially if you have multiple tests finishing at one time.

Stay tuned for more cool tips from our team of conversion experts.