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Got It

Don’t let your prospects get away!


I’m a sucker for shoes, but a few weeks ago when I was shopping on DSW.com, I happened to get distracted and close my browser window. A few days later, I got this email from DSW:

“Don’t let them get away!” Of course, DSW.com was talking about my shoes, but they might as well have been talking about me. I had obviously been an engaged, interested shopper, enough to put several items in my cart– but something made me abandon my session without actually buying the shoes, and DSW didn’t want to let me get away!

I have to say, the email worked… I went back to my cart and looked at those slouchy grey suede boots I’d loved enough to put in my cart days ago and could not help myself. If I hadn’t seen the email, though, I probably would have forgotten about them.

So don’t let your prospects get away. If you don’t have a way to collect information about who is abandoning a session, get it! (I was logged in at DSW.com to see my rewards points balance, which is how they had my information.) And when you have the information, use it!