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Give Your Site Some Google Juice


Google Juice [goo’gel joos] noun
the magical and mysterious value Google gives to your site, based on links from good sites, unique content, and the age of your site; the more juice, the higher your site’s ranking in Google searches.

So how do you get some? Here are some tips:

  1. Get a really great domain name. It’s best if your top targeted keyword is also in your domain name.
  2. If you are on WordPress, install the All in One SEO Pack. If you’re a beginner, it even works right out of the box, easy as pie.
  3. Write a great summary. Your website (even if you’re not on WordPress using the All in One SEO pack) probably has a place for you to put in a summary. Write a great, to-the-point, 145-155 character summary of your site, using the keywords you really want to target.
  4. Use descriptive titles. Again, think about your keywords when you’re writing your titles. How do you want people to be able to find you?
  5. Make sure all of your links work! (You can use a free link checker.)
  6. Old is gold. If your site’s been around a long time, you’re going to have more juice, so plan to get your site and keep it for the long haul.
  7. Create content! If you have a blog, churn out the content. Not only do you get more links if you churn out more content, but you also get more frequent spidering which is a good thing.

What changes have you made to your site to get some Google Juice, and have you seen any positive changes? I’d love to hear your (White Hat, of course) tips in the comments!