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Heading to Click Summit? Here’s what to expect.


This post was written by Drew Burns, Principal Product Marketing Manager – Digital Marketing at Adobe, which is one of our headlining sponsors for Click Summit 2019.

I’m thrilled that Adobe is a sponsor for Click Summit this year, as it’s one of my favorite conferences to attend. Here’s why:

Click Summit is totally dedicated to us—the innovators, trailblazers, insights discoverers, ROI makers –  the experimentation leaders and personalization directors within our organizations. We are the people who question everything about the customer experiences our companies deliver and turn to data to answer those questions.

At the conference, we participate in discussions that are “PowerPoint-less” but filled with powerful points. We address the top issues and obstacles that we encounter in our programs, like:

  • Should we deliver experiences client-side or server-side (or ideally both)?
  • How do we best leverage automation to do the heavy-lifting analysis and deliver the next best experience dynamically?–while also surfacing important audience segments and their preferences?
  • How do we best scale and govern our efforts across multiple stakeholders and divisions?
  • What do we set and achieve in terms of quarterly benchmarks to continually mature our programs?

Personalization—as a proven strategy for engaging a visitor with more relevant experiences based on what we know about them historically and their current context and behavior—has become a #1 priority for companies, irrespective of industry.

When personalization is done right, visitors don’t bounce; they engage more, stay longer, convert higher, and become loyal customers. It’s what differentiates brands from the competition.

The tools are there: unified profile, omnichannel delivery, automation to speed to insights and next best offer or experience, and at Click Summit we discuss the strategies and best practices to move our programs to the next level and hone our skills with the best.

Click Summit feels a lot like going off to a summer training camp (albeit in spring), as we gather at the idyllic, contemplative setting of the Umstead Spa & Resort in Raleigh, North Carolina. There we catch up with familiar faces in this close-knit professional community, have a chance to meet the people driving experimentation and personalization programs across top brands, and enjoy meeting and welcoming new additions to the community.

The rich one-on-one conversations we get to have with our peers at Click Summit are invaluable. The open discussion style of the sessions within this setting promotes the exchange of best practices, and also serves as a think tank for new and innovative use cases for us to explore.

From Click Summit conversations, you’re able to gather and return home with Clickaways to apply to and improve your own practices. These clickaways include everything from ideation, governance, organization, and deployments to automation, execution, reporting, story-telling, and evangelization.

For example, have you ever considered reporting your activity results back to the creative team to get better buy-in and more creativity on experience variations for different campaigns they’re working on? Ever considered tracking conclusive versus inconclusive experiments? What about leveraging category affinity and propensity scores for delivering a more personalized nav menu, or recommendations as a way to guide a return visitor back to where they left off? At Click Summit, you pick up new concepts and draw conclusions on how to best improve your own performance.

Click Summit also provides an opportunity to engage with Brooks, Naoshi and their phenomenal team of experts. Both Brooks and Naoshi are shining examples and an advocate for the enterprising spirit that is required to drive a successful experimentation or personalization program.

Brooks herself is a pioneer and thought-leader in the experimentation space, an entrepreneur who grew her own practice from the ground up. The Brooks Bell team has helped to build many of the most successful programs across industries. They bring behavioral economics principles and best practices to the ideation process to collaborate on a winning strategy that delivers on the goals of her clients.

I admire how thoughtful the Brooks Bell team is during their process of developing strategies for their clients. For example, at Click Summit 2017 the team shared that when working with an infant retail website, they brought a baby in to distract a parent as that parent interacted with the website. This allowed them to see how that additional factor affected the parent’s engagement with the site.

The Brooks Bell team is also brilliantly skilled at uncovering the story within the data. Their new software platform, Illuminate, is an invaluable tool for you to store and share the results of your tests and determine the logical next steps to take based on those results.  

I’m looking forward to joining the Brooks Bell team—and hopefully all of you—at this year’s event on May 7-9 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Click Summit 2019 is already sold out, but if you missed the chance to attend this year’s event follow the Brooks Bell team on LinkedIn or Twitter, or by following #ClickSummit2019.