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Here Are 7 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts You’ll Meet at Click Summit 2019


We’re one month away from Click Summit, our annual conversion rate optimization conference for leaders in testing, personalization and analytics.

Click Summit is truly a unique experience, characterized by intimate conversations and actionable takeaways that you can apply to your optimization program immediately. Attendees tell us that it’s sort of like therapy for optimization professionals.

While much of the content and specific examples cited within these conversations remain private, we do summarize the key takeaways in our Clickaways.

Download clickaways from Click Summit 2018.

Our team here at Brooks Bell is hard at work finalizing this year’s cohort of conversation leaders—experts that will lead our small group discussions on various topics within the industry.

Here are a couple of conversion rate optimization experts you can meet at Click Summit 2019

Chris Chapo, Senior Vice President, Customer Data & Analytics at Gap Inc.

Chris is currently Senior Vice President, Customer Data and Analytics at Gap. In this position, he leads the effort to increase the company’s ability to take advantage of quantitative information about customers, ensuring all brands take a data-driven approach in transforming the company to be customer obsessed.

Prior to Gap, Chris led data teams for a variety of companies, including Apple, Intuit, JCPenney, and Enjoy. He has extensive experience building data science organizations, teams and platforms, and applying statistical and analytic rigor to a variety of functions including marketing, customer experience, loyalty and customer service.

Chris is leading a conversation and will be one of our keynote speakers at Click Summit this year.

Conversation Topic: Lessons in Driving Data Science & Analytics Transformation

Jesús Leon, Global Director, Digital Application Experience Analytics, American Express

Jesús has over fifteen years driving business growth at American Express by applying behavioral analytics to customer strategy. With his experience building and developing high-performing analytical teams, Jesús has led teams focused on investment optimization, loyalty programs, risk management, new customer acquisition, and increasing existing customer spending and engagement.

Conversation Topic: Using Advanced Statistics to Scale Your Program: When to Use Which Technique?

Kiki Burton, Sr, Director Growth Technology at Credit Karma

Christina “Kiki” Burton leads growth technology for Credit Karma, overseeing conversion rate optimization and marketing technology, as well as product management and campaign execution for their notifications platform. Prior to Credit Karma, she worked at Adobe as a Product Manager for Audience Manager.

Conversation Topic: Be a Change Agent: How to Preserve & Prioritize Your Testing Expertise During a Reorganization

Jeremy Yoches, Sr. Manager, Product Management – Personalization, Capital One

Jeremy has led ecommerce experimentation, optimization and personalization programs at a variety of companies including Capital One, TripAdvisor, Sephora, Stella & Dot, Macy’s and others.

His experience across a range of industries and verticals has enabled him to build both strategic and technical chops in ecommerce optimization, as well as skills in cross-functional collaboration and project management using lean and Agile-based methodologies.

Conversation Topic: Influencing Without Authority: How To Advocate For Testing in a Federated Environment

Tommy Guy, Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft

Tommy Guy is a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft where he works on large-scale analysis and experimentation in Office. Prior to Microsoft, Tommy was Lead Data Scientist at Wave Accounting, a startup in Toronto, Ontario.

His data specialties include data mining, statistical machine learning, python (Django and Pandas/Statsmodels/Numpy stack), Hadoop, Hive, Pig, SQL, Spark, and AWS.

Conversation Topic: Metrics That Matter: Discovering & Managing KPIs

Gurudev Karanth,  Sr. Director, Testing & Measurement, Target

Gurudev Karanth is the Senior Director of Testing & Measurement at Target. A 3x entrepreneur, he has over 20 years of experience leading product, design, development, analytics, data science and operations of large-scale data implementations.

Gurudev played a critical role in building the Test & Learn culture at large companies like eBay, PayPal and now, Target. His specialty? In addition to technical skills in analytics and ecommerce optimization, his ability to capitalize on data science technologies has resulted in multi-million dollar opportunities and cost savings.

Conversation Topic: Changing The Product & Business Mindset To Embrace A/B Testing: Challenges & Solutions

Eric Allen, Director – Onsite & Testing, Ancestry.com

Eric is the Director of the Onsite & Testing at Ancestry, leading all day-to-day onsite acquisition strategy and execution. Eric is an avid tester with expertise in every aspect of testing from ideation to reporting.

During his time at Ancestry, he has been involved in nearly every kind of experimentation possible and learned from all of them. Under Eric’s leadership team the testing team at Ancestry has adopted the motto that they don’t have “wins and losses” just “wins and learnings”. After all, Jay-Z said it best, “A loss ain’t a loss it’s a lesson, appreciate the pain it’s a blessin’”.

Conversation Topic: Testing for Lifetime Value: How To Ensure Your Experiments Are Helping People Take Action For The Right Reason.