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How Click Summit 2011 Created Crowd Accelerated Innovation


I recently watched this TED talk from TED’s lead Curator Chris Anderson titled, “How YouTube is Driving Innovation.” In his talk he brings up the notion that online video creates “crowd accelerated innovation” because the world is now exposed to the latest and greatest in the topic. He cites three factors to this newly created innovation phenomenon: Crowd, Light, and Desire.

Invite the crowd, shine the light on that topic, and create the desire for others to innovate. I can’t help but draw parallels to what our mission is for our annual Click Summit. As experts in online conversion we believe we have the responsibility to innovate in how companies make money online.

The crowd is a group of people that share a common interest. Bring a crowd together and innovation happens. Last month we brought 70 senior level online marketers and analysts together in Charlotte. Our attendees travelled from all around the country and from companies in every major business vertical.

Light is clear, open visibility at what the best people in that crowd can do. By cultivating an environment of open discussions instead of a single speaker lecturing to a crowd, we had visibility to specific client pinpoints. All conversations were not to be shared outside the room, creating an environment to be truly honest without fear of broadcasting proprietary information.

Desire is defined as the common goal to truly innovate. By coming together and having deeper open discussions we, as a group, shared the desire to solve problems and to push the industry further. For some, this means breaking down silos within our organizations. For others, it is solving the issue of getting senior management buy-in to optimization programs.

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