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How Do I Create Adobe®Test&Target™ Offer Folders?


When creating a campaign in Adobe Test&Target, it’s best practice to create your offers before beginning your campaign setup. You can do this by going to ‘Offers’ and creating new folders by selecting the dropdown next to ‘Folders’ called ‘Add new folder.’

Then, when you are ready to add experiences to your campaign you can find offers in structured folders rather than having offers in a huge list.

Adobe Test&Target Select Offer Drop Down Menu

Always have a set naming convention for your offers. That way, as your offer list grows, it will be easier to filter and search for a specific offer.

Note: You can create an offer when adding an experiment to a campaign; however, this approach is limited to only an HTML offer. If you want to do a redirect offer, you will need to create that type of offer from the offer page.