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How Far Are You From A/B Testing Like Amazon? Take This Quiz To Find Out


The website optimization world is far different today than it was when Brooks Bell was founded back in 2003. New advancements in testing, personalization, and analytics technologies have made it super easy to optimize on the fly—thanks, in part, to the number of companies that have bought into the practice.

However, maximizing your optimization efforts in order to really profit from testing and personalization is much harder. And moving from small scale testing and personalization to an Amazon-level operation can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re in the weeds.

But, as we’ve seen with so many of our clients, moving towards optimizing and personalizing like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and all the other tech dinosaurs is not impossible. But you have to know and understand the maturity of your testing program first, in order to grow.

Get To Know The Optimization Maturity Landscape

At Brooks Bell, we use our proprietary Six Pillar Maturity Assessment to benchmark and measure your testing and personalization program’s growth.

This comprehensive review assesses the current management, effectiveness, and performance of your program, benchmarks it against others in the industry, and lays out a detailed action plan for growing and scaling your program.

To do this, we score your program against six main categories: culture, team, technology, process, strategy, and performance—the six pillars for building a successful, impact-driven experimentation program.

Our maturity assessment is comprehensive and deeply detailed. As a third party, we’re able to offer an objective, 360° view of the current state of your program. Through this, we’re able to set long-term program growth goals, identify specific strengths and weaknesses across the six pillars, provide specific recommendations to get your program to the next level and build a quarter-by-quarter action plan.

But of course, the first step to moving forward is knowing where you’re at currently. So we put together this simple, 19-question quiz to help you understand where your program stacks up and offer some guidance for how to improve.