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How Monetate Asks the Right Campaign Questions


How often have you set up a test only to realize later that you forgot to include a segment for reporting?  Often, you can set up everything exactly the way you originally intended only to think of another metric that would have been helpful to consider in your analysis. Imagine instead if your testing platform encouraged you to answer all the right questions while you were setting up the campaign. In comes Monetate.

We recently launched a great new test for one of our ecommerce clients, using Monetate. At Brooks Bell, we have standard forms that we fill out before each test launch to ensure we’re setting up and launching a test correctly. For this particular test, we began with our standard forms, but then we also got to benefit from the great setup features of Monetate.

Who, What, When, Why?

If you had to identify what is probably Monetate’s greatest feature, it would be the intuitive simplicity of the test campaign setup process. It’s like your very own little Gary Coleman asking “Whatchu talkin’ bout?” while you’re setting up the test.

The campaign setup page asks you the important questions you need to consider about setting up the test. “Who” are you targeting? “What” do you want to show them and “when?” You can set up multiple “what” and “who” actions, depending on how many test variations you’d like to set up. Lastly, “why” do you want to perform this test? Monetate uses the actions you’ve selected to summarize the test in a sentence structure, such as “[Who?] For all visitors who abandoned cart last visit, [what?] show a banner below the top navigation bar [when?] from July 4, 2012, 3:00PM ongoing [why?] to measure conversion rate and average order value.”

When examining your post-launch results and analyzing your key learnings, you’ll already be thinking about the primary questions you want to answer and, more importantly, your test will be set up to answer those questions for you.

For us, this was a great reminder of the specifics we should always be thinking about when setting up the test campaign, and also when strategizing the test to begin with. Consider your campaign from the simplest possible perspective, from the very beginning all the way through – who, what, when, why?  Then you, too, will always know “whatchu talkin’ bout.”