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How to Get the Most From Testing—Even With Low Traffic


In a perfect world, your site’s pages would attract so many visitors that the biggest challenge would be keeping up with all the test ideas your team is throwing at you. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this is rarely the reality. But just because you don’t live in a testing utopia doesn’t mean you can’t structure great tests to learn more about your business. Here are a few ways to get the most from testing—even if you’re drawing from a shallow traffic pool:

Incorporate more into the variations

If precise learnings can be sacrificed to a certain extent, combine a few smaller ideas into a single variation. It would be great to run different challengers that pit value proposition messaging against a minor user experience enhancement, but how long will that take to reach significance? Consider merging both into one variation. Structuring tests in this way can dramatically reduce the number of variations you run and increase time to confidence, without negatively impacting results or the key learning.

no traffic testing

Launch fewer variations

If clean learning is something you don’t want to mess with, simply limit the number of variations you launch with each test. There’s no reason you can’t see results from a single challenger test—plus, you can reach confidence before the next Olympics. If you have two major ideas you want to pit against each other, think about doing so in two stages. The first stage would place “Idea #1” against your control and the second stage would place “Idea #2” against the winner of the previous stage.

Get creative

If you’re anything like our team, you always want to have a test running. If specific pages aren’t getting many visitors, take a look at your site as a whole. Consider elements that span nearly every page. Perhaps it’s an important piece of CTA copy. Or maybe you’re interested in finding better user experiences in the top navigation bar. Take advantage of your total site traffic with overarching tests and your velocity, wins and learnings will grow.

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