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iAd Provides New Horizons for Mobile Advertising


Last Thursday Apple unveiled its “iAd” mobile advertising system.  As a marketer, I must say I am looking forward to this progress in the mobile ad space and the effect that this launch will have on the competition, providing innovation at an even higher pace.

iAd is a mobile network advertising system that delivers a unique interactive marketing experience within the applications you download.   It is said to be the bridge between the emotional aspects that TV brings, with the direct interaction that online banners provide.

When you click on these ads, you will not leave the application that you are using.  Instead, the normal “click-through” is replaced with an interactive display that is similar to a “pop-up” over the application page.  Apple to Roll Out App Ad Net- Brian Morrissey April 8, 2010

When Apple acquired mobile media company “Quattro Wireless” this opened the doorway for Apple to, again, compete with Google and offer  their innovative sales pitch, while not annoying an extremely loyal customer base.  Unlike Google, who had acquired AdMob, who offers 10 billion impressions a month, Quattro Wireless has only been showing 4 billion impression s a month.

Even though Google is currently the clear leader in the mobile ad space because of AdMob, I expect to see great things from the iAd network.  With all of the Apple apps and the brand loyalty to the product, as well as the growth of Apple products, there is room for significant growth which means good things for marketers.  We will see that this is a perfect example of competition pushing the market to revolutionize the mobile advertising realm, and it is very exciting.

With Steve Jobs’ apparent dislike of current mobile advertising, this new “softer approach” for the mobile advertising world offers a number of benefits that most marketers will appreciate:

  • Ads that act like mini-apps: Providing value in the ads, with things like directions for how to find products, resources for in-store shopping, shopping tools, widgets, etc.
  • A new platform when delivering direct messaging & positive brand association at the same time.
  • Immediate tools with emotional ties to messaging (ex: new movie + movie times + ticket discounts + movie location + free t-shirt) all in one place.
  • A new way of thinking about targeted messaging relevant to applications.  NOTE “relevant.”

When iPhone 4.0 launches this summer (compatible iPad – in fall) the ability to multi-task and ultimately “multi-app” with these ads will provide unlimited opportunities in this space.  It is extremely important as marketers to consider this tactic in all marketing campaigns, as this may be the next big idea that every business thinks they need.  Not only will the iAd network push Google to be even more innovative, this will expand the possibilities of communicating with customers.  It is a very exciting option in a web space that now has so  much irrelevant noise.