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Jumpstart Your Mobile A/B Testing Campaign Through Design and UX


If you are considering testing the mobile experience of your site (and why wouldn’t you?), make a conscious effort to begin testing elements related to design and the user experience (UX).

In my personal and professional opinion, the mobile canvas is the optimal arena for A/B testing leading to increased conversions. The size, scale, user intent and focus, created by smaller devices such as phones and tablets are a dream come true for conversion optimization experts. By default—and as we are all seeing in the compelling statistics—these devices offer an optimized version of the standard desktop experience, and the usage and conversion rates on these devices is soaring.

UX Test Mobile and Tablet

Where Do We Begin?

The design and UX of your site is a great starting point for your mobile campaign. After all, the design will most likely be the largest and most notable difference between your traditional site and your mobile experience.

Here are a few test recommendations that will be relatively easy to implement and should get you started in the right direction:

CTA Buttons

This is an absolute no-brainer, and don’t be surprised if you see wildly successful results. On a traditional, desktop screen, your CTA button probably takes up about 1% of the available real estate. On a mobile device, such as a phone, you have the opportunity to make your CTA take up as much as 25%-35%—possibly even 50%—of the real estate (did you catch that test idea?). Given this realization of scale and screen real estate, this is a fantastic opportunity to test color, size, CTA copy, and visual design.


Form submissions are gold mines. Mobile devices should make forms as concise and easy to complete as humanly possible. Experiment with number of fields, design of fields, and other elements such as drop downs and error messaging. Consider other form tests as well—such as showing the password for login pages/forms, which I’ve outlined in an earlier blog post.


The design of your site navigation inevitably has to change for your mobile experience. This is a great opportunity to direct users to the content that matters. Simplify the menu and clean out the garbage. Be sure to use design conventions that make sense and don’t confuse the user. Be smart about the placement of your navigation. It should never get in the way of your conversion points. Remember, navigation is a tool to help the user accomplish their goal.

Color Scheme

Here’s an idea that may be flying way below the radar: Simplify your color scheme for mobile. The smaller scale of phones and tablets provides an optimal canvas for leveraging color contrast and color impact. Keep the screen light (or dark) with grays and whites, and use a single bright color for buttons and links. You may have several great tests to run here. Go the extra mile and impress everyone in your organization by updating your corporate style guide with a “Mobile Color Scheme” that has been tested and proven to increase conversions. Be sure to ask for a promotion when the new, higher converting color scheme you discovered becomes the new company standard.

Social Proof Design

We all know the phone and tablet world is prime for social feedback. Be sure to utilize social tools more in your mobile design on key conversion pages. The superior advantage of increased focus due to the scale of the device is a perfect opportunity to display your 5 star product ratings and to allow existing customers to quickly rate a product on the fly.

This list is a great starting point for your new mobile A/B testing campaign. Most of these tests require light lifting and will hopefully yield favorable results. In the process, you’ll gain valuable experience in understanding the requirements and limitations of testing your mobile design, as well as the strengths and benefits of leveraging your testing tools in the most optimal A/B testing arena available!

Happy testing, and please be sure to report back on your success!