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Jump Start Your 2018 Experimentation Journey & Avoid the Holiday Slump


It’s a common complaint we hear every year. Clients set lofty velocity goals for Q1 — that is, they want to run a certain number of test within a set time period — but after they take the time to develop and refresh their experimentation plan, they find themselves not only eight weeks behind, but their new year off to a terrible and slow start, most likely with upset management.

Although it is tempting to also slow down and follow suit to the business rhythm, these quiet months are an especially good time for companies and individuals to jump start their 2018 journey.

What if you could have both? A relaxing 2017 year-end wrap up with time off and a solid optimization strategy for 2018?

With Brooks Bell’s UserView, you can.

Our proprietary UserView program discovers the most profitable and impactful areas of your website, estimates potential business gains and creates a prioritized detailed roadmap to unlock those quick wins. We also get feedback directly from your customers to fuel your tests. In other words, this is an all-in-one performance-driving program that gives you the tools you need to take your program to the next level for the New Year.

UserView works in three simple steps:

  1. Conversion Potential
    If you’ve got traffic and conversion rates, you’ve got what it takes for us to calculate your optimization program’s full potential. We add our expertise by defining expected lifts through industry benchmarking, determining expected win rates through page-specific evaluations, and we apply degradation rates identified over our decades of experimentation experience.
  2. Roadmap
    To help you reach your full optimization potential, we create an actionable roadmap. We detail the pages, duration, start and end dates, and even expected revenue potential per test to help you stay on track to reach your goals. This roadmap also improves the way you book resources to assist with testing, breaking the cycle of rushed deadlines. In addition, it provides you with a tool to track your progress so it becomes easy to communicate up the ladder.
  3. User Research and Testing Themes
    If you are wondering what types of tests should fuel your roadmap, do not worry. We conduct user research to get feedback directly from your customers, quantify it, and combine it with industry best practices to offer you dozens of executable testing themes.

What may take you months to put together in a plan due to resource constraints and other obligations, Brooks Bell delivers in four speedy weeks. Imagine, those four weeks save you valuable time and resources, but can also provide your company millions of dollars in incremental revenue gain.

With an experimentation strategy and actionable plan in place, your optimization teams can execute tests immediately upon their return from the holidays and increase their chances of greater success.

As your optimization partner, Brooks Bell is here to help you avoid losing any traction with your experimentation program and avoid what can easily become a holiday slump!