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Landing Page Audit: ACME Markets


A couple weeks ago, we took a look at Harris Teeter’s Express Lane landing page. This week, we’re looking at fellow grocer ACME Markets. Like Harris Teeter, they position themselves as a high-end grocer with quality products.

ACME Markets has an email sign-up page we’re taking a look at this week:


The Form: When you’re using a form, it’s generally a best practice to use as few form fields as possible. It reduces friction for your customer because they don’t feel like you’re asking for more information than you really need. This form onlyasks for email to start. Impressive!

The Value: There’s a clear value here for entering your email address. In exchange for your email address, you get $5 off your $25 purchase.

The Referral Potential: Adding a further incentive of five additional coupons for referring your friends is a great idea to spread the word and gather more email addresses!


The Focus: Having the entire menu at the top of this page might be distracting for customers who are looking to sign up for the Email Savings Program. It’s best to keep distractions (navigation menus, links off the page, etc.) to a minimum when you have one main goal for the page. In this case, that main goal is just to get people to sign up, so we could test leaving the top menu off.

The Call to Action: “Submit” buttons always make us giggle a little, to be honest. We don’t really want our customers to “submit,” do we? We’d test different text for the button: maybe “Start Saving” or “Get Your Coupon” or simply “Go.”

Imagery: The strawberries are pretty, and visually striking, but we wonder what other imagery might do. We’d test a plain logo, a lifestyle image, and possibly more food imagery.

Clarity: We’re confused about the section that says, “Already a member?…” Does it mean you’re supposed to enter the email address you’re already subscribed with in the same form as the people who are signing up? We’re not sure, and we could use a few copy tweaks to make it clearer.

We’d love to know whether these offers are being tested and what has been successful.

So, tell us what you think! Do you agree with our conversion experts?

As always, these are our ideas based on best practices, which don’t necessarily mean they’re the best ideas, period. In testing an idea, sometimes what you think will work better just… doesn’t. Test, test, test!