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Landing Page Audit: All New Barnes & Noble Nook


Every week, we choose a landing page to audit. This week the All-New Nook from Barnes and Noble is in the spotlight! We’re looking at the landing page as well as the Google Ad banner that takes you to the landing page.

Here’s the Google Ad. (Click the image to see it larger.)


Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy, took a look at the banner ad. Here’s what he thinks.

  • This ad is possibly cannibalizing clicks by calling out “Nook Color” and price point. This could suggest that the “All New NOOK” offers less, therefore creating less interest from customers who want the latest and greatest.
  • The product names should be bold for better product callout in the ad.
  • Showing price may prompt shoppers to compare prices at other deal sites, but we want them to buy from Barnes & Noble.
  • I would suggest testing against a focus on price in the ad and a focus on the benefits/features in the ad. Something like, “Explore New NOOK Features Here,” “Get New NOOK – Free Shipping,” or, “All New NOOK – Longest Battery Life.”

And here’s the landing page. (Again, click the image to see it larger.) Our comments on it follow after the image.


I’m used to reading left to right, and feel interrupted when I have to skip over an image to get to the copy. I think a fix would be as simple as moving the headline (“ALL NEW NOOK…”) above the image. –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

Main image:

Layout of the page is good, with large image of the product (though it could be larger), easy to find price and the reviews all prominently above the fold.  –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager

I think they should increase the size of the NOOK image so the viewer can get a good glimpse of the reader. –Jim Schlegelmilch, Client Coordinator

I would start the page with a closer-to-actual-size image with a 360 view and interaction for an improved learning experience, a better understanding of the actual product, and a faster purchase decision. (See the below image.) –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy



It needs a better callout or highlight of the free shipping. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy

Some kind of incentive could further compel people to purchase it. Example: free shipping, a limited time offer of $139 for three days or something like that. I want to know I’m making a smart choice by jumping on it now. –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

Call to action:

The CTA could be bigger. –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

I think they should increase the size of the “Buy Now” button. This purchase is the end goal, and I think drawing more attention to this would be beneficial. –Jim Schlegelmilch, Client Coordinator

It would be cool if the “BUY NOW” button followed down the page as the user scrolled. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy

Left nav:

If the goal is unit sales of the Nook, options to leave the page should be removed! –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy

I feel like the left-hand navigation just takes too much space. The main attraction is the image of the Nook and the accompanying bullet points – but that container feels small to me. –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

I honestly neglected to read the buttons on the left side nav bar because at first I thought this was a microsite of barnesandnoble.com – only after reviewing the page several times did I see that those buttons were all specific to the Nook. –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager

I would remove the left navigation. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy

Features section:

I’d replace the features section with drop-downs from the bullets in the top section to simplify the experience. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy

The “modules” about the Nook features are a little overwhelming. –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager


I like the testimonials. –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

Rotating through the testimonials instead of putting them all up at once might make them less distracting, and I would possibly move them to a right-hand column or to the bottom. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy


Move the “Chat with a NOOK Expert” to the upper right hand corner, where people expect to see help options. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy


It may also be helpful to include some images in the “Accessories for your NOOK” section (most popular, etc). –Jim Schlegelmilch, Client Coordinator

On the Accessories for your NOOK section, I think it would be better to gather the credit card info first, make the sale, and then up-sell. Customers are more likely to drop out of the funnel when they have significantly increased their shopping cart total from the original amount. –Nathan Spotz, Director, Client Strategy

So what’s your take? Do you agree with our conversion experts?