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Landing Page Audit: Coolibar


What’s cooler than a man in a sun hat? We submit: nothing. We’re auditing hat seller Coolibar‘s purchase experience today. From a search for “men’s sun protection hat,” you land on this page:

And from here, the product page looks like this:

Coolibar is already using SiteCatalyst, so we think using Adobe Test&Target to run the following tests would probably make the most sense. Here’s what AB Testing Expert Nathan Spotz has to say about the tests he’d run:

The Landing Page: Starting with the search landing page, I’d use that green banner at the top to test dynamic headlines that speak to paid search inquiries and evoke confidence by delivering value propositions that support purchase decisions– for example:“View our vast selection of men’s hats recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Every Coolibar hat provides UPF 50+ Sun Protection.” Another idea: It would be great to identify certain products as “our employee picks” or add customer ratings to each product on this page, then provide options to organize & categorize products accordingly.

The Product Page: On the product page, I’d try testing a change of the font color and type so customers can decipher between clickable and non-clickable items. I didn’t see any customer testimonials for products. I would love to test adding user social proof that could help add authenticity to an already solid product/ brand.  It’d be great to track the long term effects of this at this critical decision point.

The Buttons: I’d test the color of the button on the product page:  the color red may be creating hesitation, and should always be tested just to see if other colors may support clicks. I’d also consider adding/ changing button options to let a user, “Add to shopping bag and check out,” or, “Add to shopping bag and continue shopping,” where you either return to the previous landing page, or the main home page. I’d probably also test naming conventions. Calling it a “Shopping Bag” on the product page and a “Shopping Cart” at checkout is inconsistent.

As always, these are ideas that we’d like to see tested. Best practices are great, but it’s only practice without the test data to back it up! What do you think? Do you agree with Nate? What other tests would you run?