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Landing Page Audit: Discover


The holidays are pretty much over, but we found a landing page this week with a holiday offer still up: Discover. This holiday message rotates through with several other messages, but we’re going to specifically look at the holiday messaging on Discover’s page. This is the main discover.com index page. They’re running Adobe Test&Target, so we think it would be worth testing some of our ideas, outlined below.

Here’s the page:

Screen Shot 2012-01-11 at 9.04.02 AM


Design: It’s easy to navigate with a good eye path– we like that it’s clean, organized and precise.

“I love how simple the landing page is and how straight forward the links are at the bottom of the fold.” -Clair Fabrizio, Intern

Messaging: We like the overall message of the page.

“Three relevant bullets followed by an unmistakeable CTA… love it. It has a warm and friendly feel and they do a nice job introducing other services such as banking and loans, without cluttering up the page. Overall, very minimal amount of text. Nice job organizing content and providing simple and relevant links.” –Matt Berglund, Creative Director

Usability: Since this is Discover’s main index page, we like that it’s really easy to find things, whether you’re an existing or new customer.

“It’s nice that the user login is immediately noticeable on the page and in the top navigation.  Also a plus that there is specific mention of it being a secure login.” –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager


The CTA: Since it’s the most important piece of a page, we always want to test the Call To Action.

“More focus should be put on the value propositions and the CTA, with less attention (or space) given to other clickable distractions that could draw away from clicks on ‘Apply Now.’ The CTA gets a bit lost in the busy design, but the bright orange color of the button helps.” –Jamie Least, Junior Copywriter

The Offer: We see a great offer listed here, but it’s not explained much.

“What’s the ‘Cashback Bonus?’ It’s in bright orange on the card, but the LP doesn’t explain it. Seems to me that this would be a big benefit, and something that sets Discover apart from other cards.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

The Holiday Theme: Ok, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, please. It’s January 13. That seems a little late for a holiday themed offer.

“One of the experiences they are running shows a holiday offer that spans the entire hero area. Not sure the holiday message applies now… at least in the US. The good thing is they are testing. The issue, from what I can tell from my brief look, is that they must have a lot of campaigns going throughout their site and are strapped for resources. Otherwise, holiday offers would not be running now. A lot of companies have good intentions of testing and optimizing. It’s a whole different ball game to have the resources and commitment to execute a great optimization program.” –Naoshi Yamauchi, VP, Analytics & Testing

What do you think? Do you have any other tests you’d run on Discover’s index page? Do you agree with our A/B testing experts?