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Landing Page Audit: Dollar.com


We had some of our office folks traveling this week for a seminar, so we thought it would be appropriate to look at one of the travel sites we use this week. Dollar.com is a car rental site that uses Test&Target to run some tests on their site. We took a look at Dollar.com’s index page, which is also the start of their conversion funnel.

Here’s a look at the index page:

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 3.10.10 PM


Highlighting the CTA on the page: We like that the place where you can find rates for a rental car is easy to see and highlighted with a bold red color. It stands out well.

The cars dropdown: Anything you can do to make things easier for your customer usually helps the process along. We think Dollar has the right idea with their car types visual aids.

“In the ‘Get Rates’ section, I like when you select a ‘Car’ type the image changes to visually communicate what that type of vehicle may look like and how many people and suitcases can fit inside.  This is very user friendly and helps ensure that Dollar and their customers are speaking the same language early on.” –Meredith Morgan, Director, Marketing


For the index page, we have a few ideas to try.

The CTA: Distractions on a page where you’re trying to get your customer to perform an action are tricky to handle, especially if your conversion funnel begins on your index page. It’s a tough balancing act– that’s why it’s a great thing to test.

“When visiting Dollar.com, your experience begins on the ‘Reservations’ tab whereas I imagine their goal is getting users to reserve a vehicle.  However, I see CTA’s for ‘Get Rates,’ ‘See Specials,’ ‘Sign Up’ for our newsletter, ‘Learn More’ about this program, ‘Follow Dollar on Facebook’ and more.  The lack of a clear and concise focus of the page is most likely losing visitors.” –Meredith Morgan, Director, Marketing

The form fields: This one’s a toughie, too, because it’s hard to know which fields are the most important to your customers, but we think some testing is definitely in order.

“The Car field is pretty extensive.  At first, I was overwhelmed with the number of choices. After wondering what the difference in standard vs. mid-sized was, I just took the plunge and then saw that a photo of a comparable vehicle with the passenger and luggage capacity was displayed.  This was a nice feature – but I got overwhelmed before I knew it existed.” –Suzi Tripp, Client Manager

“I would not suggest having the ‘Promo Code’ field listed this early in the registration process.  As a user, it makes me feel I should hunt online for a promo code or that I could be getting a better deal than I am.” –Meredith Morgan, Director, Marketing

So what do you think? What would you test on Dollar’s index page? What do you think are the unique challenges to having your conversion funnel begin on the index page?