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Landing Page Audit: Home Depot


We like home improvement stores– they sort of jive with our philosophy about improving everything iteratively. (What? We are an A/B testing agency, after all.) This week, we’re taking a look at Home Depot’s account registration page. We’ve got some advice from our in-house A/B testing experts.


The Design: Sometimes, not much is just enough. Keeping a registration page simple makes thing look neat and tidy, and helps keep distractions away while you’re trying to get your audience to fill out the form.

“The page is simple and clean, which I like.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

The Benefits: Great job including benefits on the registration page! It seems like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen a lot of registration sites that don’t mention at all why you should consider registering.

“I like the banner at the very top highlighting all of the benefits of registration. However, the visual design of this banner makes it easy to miss.” –Matt Berglund, Creative Director

The Form: It’s tricky to get the hang of asking for just the right amount of information– not too much and not too little. We like the amount this page asks for (although, as a caveat, there’s always room to test!).

“I like how the ‘Emails and Clubs’ opt-ins are on the same page. This simplifies the process and streamlines registration.” –Jim Schlegelmilch, Client Coordinator


The Copy: It’s the simple things that get us down sometimes.

“This is a small copy thing, but unnecessary capitalization Drives me Crazy. It should be ‘I am a contractor/repair remodeler,’ not ‘I am a Contractor/Repair Remodeler,’ and so on.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

The Menu: I know, it seems like we say this all the time, but that’s probably because we do. On pages where you want your audience to do a certain thing, it helps to remove the other distractions, like giant menu bars with lots of places to click.

“I find that some of the items near the top of the page are a bit of a distraction from the overall goal of this page. The goal is to register, but having the ‘Shop All Departments’ dropdown menu and ‘Search All’ field may pull some of the less focused visitors away from registering.” –Jim Schlegelmilch, Client Coordinator

The Design: We could use some “design magic” here. I’ll let Matt explain.

“Initially, I’m a little overwhelmed at the page. It looks long. But it’s really not. Perhaps a little bit of design magic here would help the page look a bit simpler and quicker. The use of white space and some modern form design could go a long way here.” –Matt Berglund, Creative Director

As always, these are our ideas based on best practices, which don’t necessarily mean they’re the best ideas, period. In testing an idea, sometimes what you think will work better just… doesn’t. Test, test, test!