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Landing Page Audit: Tiffany


With the holiday gift-giving season coming up, we’re taking a look at Tiffany this week. We did a Google search for “jewelry” and then looked at the Tiffany ad and associated landing page.

Here’s the ad that came up:

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 11.32.17 AM

And here’s the landing page from the ad:

Screen Shot 2011-12-09 at 1.56.23 PM


The Ad: We made this a tough one by just searching the term “jewelry,” but Tiffany’s ad delivers with some really interesting messaging.

“Love the fact that they point out avoiding counterfeits online and Tiffany.com being the official store in the Google ad.  That plus the registered trademark symbol add instant credibility to the link.” –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager

The Messaging: We nerd out and think it’s pretty awesome when a brand makes their landing page match the search term from the ad you came from. It’s a great best practice that surprisingly few brands use.

“The ‘jewelry’ keyword is included on the LP, so the user can make the immediate connection.” –Suzi Tripp, Client Manager

The Design: It’s hard to go wrong with Tiffany blue when you have the brand recognition that Tiffany does.

“The landing page delivers a clean and elegant look, while clearly focusing on the product. I know where I am and what they sell without even saying anything specific– strong brand recognition.” –Nathan Spotz, Director, Business Development


The Video: There are lots of different things you could do with the video on this page, from changing the link to a play button to completely switching out the video.

“I’d test multiple combinations for the ‘Some Holidays Are Unforgettable’ video in order to see how this video impacts page performance (time on page, drop off, CTR, page views, Average Order Value, Average Order Volume, etc). Examples of tests could include playing the video upon arrival to page (similar to the video start of their about us page), delayed play, triggered click play (with video replacing current image), etc.  All could be A/B or MVT tested against the current LP experience.” –Nathan Spotz, Director, Business Development

The Font: It’s kinda little. We’re a young bunch, but some of us still had to work hard to see the text!

“Their website font is way too small! I almost have to squint, and it makes it harder to target the menu item I want.” –Brian Shampnois, Analytics Manager

The CTA/Offer: This is a really beautiful page, but the next action or big offer isn’t readily apparent. We think they could do something to keep the nice, upscale feeling of the page but still make an offer to potential customers.

“The ‘complimentary shipping’ promotion at the top of the page is completely lost.” –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager

So what do you think? Do you agree with our A/B testing experts? What would you test on Tiffany’s landing page?