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Landing Page Audit: Under Armour


This week we’re taking a look at Under Armour‘s registration landing page, which isn’t really a landing page at all! It’s actually a pop-out/lightbox type effect that happens when you click on the Register button on their page. We’ve got some interesting insights for your this week!

Here’s what we’re looking at:

And here’s what our experts have to say:


Design: We like the overall look and feel of this. There are only a few form fields, which usually helps reduce friction, and we like that it’s clean and concise.


Benefits: We think the offered benefits are pretty awesome, but they’re buried in tiny text in the corner.

The benefits of registration should be more prominent – a bigger font, some kind of bulleted list and positioning to the left. –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

Call to action: We love a good call to action, but “Register” leaves us a little cold.

Using a CTA like ‘Get Your Perks’ or ‘Gear Up’ could encourage engagement or ‘Be Heard’ could reinforce the benefit in the headline, show continuity and encourage registrations. –Jamie Least, Junior Copywriter

Confirmation page: While it’s great that it only takes one step to register, the confirmation page (2nd image, above) left us a little confused (and slightly bored).

The copy makes me feel like I’m going to be bombarded with emails if I update my information. Small edits to tone of the copy could go a long way here. The two different field for ‘About You’ and ‘Your Interest’ confuses me from a user experience standpoint. I immediately think one of them is optional and I probably select ‘no thanks’ because I don’t want to deal with the confusing process. –Brandon Houlihan, Interactive Designer

Starting out with ‘Optional Information’ is blasé and doesn’t make me want to fill out the boxes. ‘Tell Us More,’ ‘Get More of What You Want’ or ‘Start Customizing’ would be more personable, compelling and consumer focused. –Jamie Least, Junior Copywriter

Post registration segmentation: What’s the point of getting someone to register if you’re not going to use their info? There’s a lot of great opportunity here!

After I submitted the registration, I selected ‘male’ on the next optional screen and submitted my choices of preferences. I exited the site and came back to see if the homepage’s hero image changed. If they are passing through the values captured in the questions they ask, UA should be testing that valuable real estate with male focused content since I selected ‘male’ in the form. –Naoshi Yamauchi, Director, Analytics

So what do you think? Do you agree with our conversion experts? Would you test something different?

As always, these are our ideas based on best practices, which don’t necessarily mean they’re the best ideas, period. In testing an idea, sometimes what you think will work better just… doesn’t. Test, test, test!