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Landing Page Audit: Untappd


In honor of International Beer Day on August 5th, we thought we’d audit a beer app sign-up page this week. We’re going with Untappd, which is primarily a mobile signup page.

Maybe it’s just that we really like beer here at Brooks Bell, but we happened to really like this sign-up series! We liked that the registration process is really simple, and optimized for use on your mobile phone.

“I like that it shows me the number of steps before I begin the process. Also, each page has minimal fields to fill in, which is good.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

“From start to finish, registration took me under 60 seconds. Overall, this is a great conversion path. Salute!” –Josh St. John, Director, Client Strategy

A few things Untappd might be able to improve:

“Instead of having the Select Your Country dropdown directly underneath “Select Your Birthday,” the Month, Day and Year drop-downs should be moved up for abetter experience.” –Victoria Morehead, Creative Director

“There are no ‘Stress Reducers’ or product/service information anywhere on the page.  Maybe some testimonials and more information would be helpful.” –Mike Adams, Web Developer

“I guess the one thing I would say is that it’s not clear what I’m signing up for. What is Untappd all about? ‘Drink Socially’ sounds fun, but it doesn’t tell me much.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

“I’d only suggest that the CTA be more compelling than ‘create account’ and ‘next step”. These are pretty bland and don’t give me an exciting reason to
continue, or make clear the value of completing each step.” –Jamie Least, Junior Copywriter

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