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Landing Page Audit: Volcom


This week, we’re taking a look at Volcom, and specifically, Volcom’s register page. We think Volcom is a pretty cool brand– we love their style! Here’s the registration page we’re looking at:


The Simplicity: This registration page is easy to look at and simple to navigate.

“Simple, clean, easy to register.” –Matt Berglund, Creative Director


The Call To Action: Apply? We don’t really like that word for this page.

“I am definitely not a fan of the word ‘Apply’ as the CTA on this page.  It leads me to believe they need to approve my account.  I believe this is a highly testable area that could easily lead to lifts in registrations.” –Meredith Morgan, Director, Client Strategy

The Value Proposition: It’s kind of missing from this page. We want to know the value of creating an account. What’s in it for us? And there’s room on this page to get some of that in.

“The white space to the right is a great opportunity to get those on the edge to sign up by listing the top benefits for signing up with Volcom. It can even be a short testimonial. Test different variables in the white space and see what works best.” –Naoshi Yamauchi, Director, Analytics

The Simplicity: Oops, we said that the simplicity was a good thing above, but this page might be a little too plain, especially considering the great branding and personality that Volcom has on its other pages.

“Design-wise, they could be doing a little bit more – the page is a little bland.” –Jim Schlegelmilch, Client Coordinator

What’s your take on Volcom’s registration page? Do you agree with our conversion experts? What else would you suggest to Volcom?

As always, these are our ideas based on best practices, which don’t necessarily mean they’re the best ideas, period. In testing an idea, sometimes what you think will work better just… doesn’t. Test, test, test!