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What We Learned at Adobe Summit


A few weeks ago, several members of the Brooks Bell team attended the largest digital marketing conference in the world: Adobe Summit. Amid the backdrop of the Las Vegas mountains, we attended sessions on digital marketing tools and trends, met industry leaders, and had great networking opportunities with existing and potential clients alike.

Brooks Bell booth

Brooks Bell slot machines at Adobe Summit

What’s new with Adobe

Adobe is working to become the authority in digital marketing intelligence. And they’re doing that not just through Target, their flagship testing program, but with the entire Marketing Cloud. This package of programs is aimed at helping marketers understand their customers, created targeted content, and work more efficiently.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), their content management solution, is a core part of their offering now. It’s all part of what Adobe calls the Experience Era—the need for marketers to create seamless, relevant, and compelling digital experiences for their customers.

What we learned

Each team member had a different perspective, but all tie in around the hot-button topics of today: mobile, advanced analytics, the people who make it all happen, and the tools and technology that assist us. From industry trends to new technology, here are our top takeaways from Adobe Summit:

Analysts’ evolution

Naoshi headshot

Naoshi Yamauchi, President

“Experimentation was mentioned more than ever before. It’s a sign the industry is starting to come up to speed with testing, and I believe we will see it continue to gain traction in the coming years. As Adobe moves more into big data and advanced analytics, perhaps there will be a shift in need from advanced modeling and analytical skillsets to those who can interpret, influence, and capitalize on what the tools are reporting.”

The need for human input

Reid headshot

Reid Bryant, VP, Data Science & Analytics

“The industry is making progress in terms of creating tools that have built-in data science sophistication. But in most situations, an analyst with domain expertise is needed to tweak the pre-built (in-tool) statistical models, using human-only knowledge. At the conference, Adobe acknowledged that these built-in models shouldn’t be a black box—in other words, analysts should be able to modify models.  Built-in technology is a huge opportunity facilitating analysis and execution at scale, but I think there’s still progress to be made in this area.”

Data and content in one place

Mike Adams headshot

Mike Adams, Senior Director of Optimization Engineering

ContextHub, a new feature in AEM, allows you to target and segment audiences in the same place where you author your content, using data from Target and Analytics. The UI is elegant and it’s easy to use. Essentially, it combines all of your Marketing Cloud solutions into one location so you can easily publish and test content. This is an important development for any company that tests.”


Rethinking mobile

Claire headshot

Claire Schmitt, Director of Optimization Consulting

“In order to make a holistic improvement to the marketing lifecycle—to get better insights and personalization—we need to break down the mobile silos. We should improve our app ranking, understand how to measure and monitor our apps and improve them, and then figure out how to continue to engage our users through personalization.”

If you went to Adobe Summit, what did you learn?

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