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Living Your Core Values


BBI went through the best practice of defining our company’s Core Values about two years ago.  Since then, they come up in conversations and meetings, but do we really live them?

We held our first “Company Update” of 2010 earlier this week.  In this company-wide meeting, all employees got to hear from Brooks about our results from 2009 and our goals for 2010.  As I thought about the meeting and its content, it was great to see how our 2009 goals and results reflected back on our Core Values of Expertise, Curiosity, Authenticity, Accountability and Happiness.  You may have already read about our Core Values on our website but here’s how we tie it all together:

We want to be the best at online direct response marketing.

We had a goal last year of providing each employee with 100 hours of training.  Admittedly, we fell a little short of our goal, but we did establish a learning culture.   We started off 2009 deepening our understanding of Marketing Experiments’ Conversion Formula.  We also immersed the team inGoogle Analytics, with the majority of our team earning their certification.  We also had our team read Tim Ash’s Landing Page Optimization.

To beef up our team on the analytics side, we added Naoshi Yamauchi to our staff as Sr. Manager, Web Marketing Analytics.  With Naoshi’s extensive experience with Omniture, we’re better equipped to help our clients with their web analytics needs.  Ask your client strategy manager how we help one client tie together data from Omniture with data from their ESP and SEM firms!

We continually seek out the most current knowledge about what works with our clients’ business.

We’re pleased to share that we did more testing in 2009 than any prior year, and we know we’ll increase again in 2010.  More and more clients understand the benefits of testing and we go into all new client engagements with questions about their business to help better form our hypotheses and decide what to test.

We are real and transparent.

… To both our clients and our employees.  Our clients share data and information about their business drivers with us and we, in turn, share all test results with them.  Sometimes (not often!), our creative doesn’t win.  Even after showing a lift in conversions, we had to part ways with one client in 2009 due to insufficient traffic and not enough conversions to justify their spend with us.

We share a great deal about our business with our employees.  They know our revenues and participate in our profits.  We began using the “Rockefeller Habits” in 2009 and hold regular company meetings to share results and report on progress towards our goals.

We follow through on our promises, and we take our results personally.

Given sufficient traffic and license to adequately test, we know we can help our clients see lifts in their conversions.  For clients in our Design That Clicks program, if our creative can’t beat their control, we promise to provide an additional test to ensure a win!

Our teams take beating the control very seriously and we started tracking a team KPI in 2009 dedicated to our results vs. controls.  As part of the Rockefeller Habits, we began creating annual and quarterly company goals that flow to each team member, ensuring everyone is aligned with our company direction and accountable for his or her performance.

We work to achieve fulfillment in our professional and personal lives.

We hire smart, capable people who have a thirst for online marketing knowledge and love what they do.  We offer opportunities for training and growth to help retain our talent.

We work hard at BBI, but we also have a lot fun.  After hitting a key goal in the first quarter of 2009, the entire staff went to see Monsters vs. Alien in IMAX 3D.  When workload allows, you’ll find a diverse group lunching together in one of our conference rooms (called “Right Brain”) watching the newest episode of trash TV on our projector.   We even had an impromptu pushup contest one day. (You’ll have to guess who won.)

Outside of the office, you’ll find our team members blogging, running 5Ks, snowboarding, engaging in social media and enjoying everything the Triangle has to offer.   You’ll also find us raising money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and volunteering at great organizations like Big Brothers Big SistersHeart of Carolina Romance Writers, Johnston County Schools, the Triangle Chapter of the American Marketing Association and theTriangle Interactive Marketing Association.

It’s great to see how we live our values!  What are your organization’s Core Values?  When you look back at your 2009, do you see your values shining through?