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Mobile App Testing is Here and it May Be the Next Big Thing in Optimization


Young Beautiful Woman Using Her Mobile Phone In The Street.This guest post was written by James Niehaus, VP of Analytics and Digital Strategy at Ensighten. Brooks Bell partners with Ensighten—and several other leading testing and optimization tools—to provide the best solution for every client. See first-hand how real-time mobile optimization can be the next big thing for your digital marketing program at Ensighten’s Agility conference next month. 

I have spent over fifteen years in the optimization space and in that time I often feel like I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen testing programs rise and fall (some of them my own), and seen new tools and techniques gain momentum and excitement across our industry. But when you look back and take inventory of what actually disrupted the optimization industry, few things really standout as truly ground breaking. You could make the argument that the only significant breakthrough in our space in the last 10 years was the rise of the early cloud-based testing platforms like Offermatica (now Adobe Target) and Optimost (now owned by HP and long forgotten).

Before Offermatica/Optimost showed up, web testing was heavily dependent on IT from beginning to end. This new generation of testing tools empowered marketers to execute A/B tests outside of the traditional IT release cycle. So instead of taking months to release a test, you could get tests out in hours or days. This allowed optimization programs to launch, learn, and scale rapidly. The initial test ideas weren’t any better, but these tools allowed marketers to experiment and learn faster and drive more ROI in the process.

Today, I see the next big thing in optimization and it’s the launch of real-time optimization capabilities for native mobile apps. As marketers we have always known that mobile would be the next frontier for our optimization industry, we were all just waiting for the same technological breakthrough in mobile that we saw on the web a decade ago. Testing in mobile had to get easier before marketers could be empowered to act.

Ensighten announced just last month our new real-time A/B and MVT testing capabilities in native mobile apps. You can now, finally, launch mobile app tests without having to recompile your app, wait for the app store, or require your users to download the latest version of your app to experience the test. Marketers can now launch new tests directly within the Ensighten interface without worrying about IT release cycles and save weeks or even months in their test release cycles.

After running hundreds of tests over the years the only thing I know to be 100% true is the more you test the more you learn. Your program’s only true competitive advantage is your ability to learn faster than your competitors. You cannot guarantee a higher testing win rate, but if you can launch 3-4 tests a month while your competitors can only launch one test a quarter you will learn far more about what your users want and how to deliver experiences that are relevant, engaging, and that generate ROI.

To learn more about real-time mobile optimization join Ensighten and Brooks Bell next month in San Francisco at Ensighten’s annual Agility user conference from April 13-16th and see first-hand how real-time mobile optimization can be the next big thing for your digital marketing program.

James-Niehaus-2James Niehaus, VP of Analytics and Digital Strategy at Ensighten, specializes in optimizing the intersection of data, marketing, product, and technology. He ran his first optimization program back in 1999, and has gone on to run programs for startups, E-LOAN, Salesforce.com, and Symantec. At Ensighten James is the product owner of Ensighten’s data and personalization services and helping to build out the next generation of digital marketing capabilities.