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NetSuite’s Copy-Heavy, Banner-Slidey, Tiny-Fonty Index Page: Landing Page Audit


NetSuite‘s homepage is already using Test&Target to do some element tests. They’ve currently got several mboxes on their site. We want to see companies really getting the best use out of their Test&Target, though, so we’ve got some ideas for NetSuite from our Test&Target experts. Here’s NetSuite’s index page:

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 at 2.00.05 PM


Cool Javascript: We’re getting our nerd on a little here, but we are kind of digging some of this stuff.

The page makes good use of Javascript to enhance functionality by including multiple sliders, tabbed boxes and videos that pop up in lightboxes.  This allows the user to access a wide variety of information in a relatively small amount of space. –Jeremy Andrews, Web Developer


The top banner slider: We have mixed feelings about these things. Sometimes they work, but often they are distracting. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on in your testing programs.

“The current banner messages are informative, but lack imagery of NetSuite users which could make the page seem more affable and less dry. It would be very interesting to test some of the people-focused messaging on the Customer page in the banner space on this page.” –Jenni Bruckman, Client Manager

“I think it would be good to test whether or not this carousel of content is performing well. Carousels unfortunately are often interpreted as advertisements. A lot of tests have been done that show that users just scroll right past these rotating banners. There are other ways to display content outside of using a rotating carousel. Consider using 1 larger, static slide that is two-thirds the width of the page and flanked by two smaller, stacked promos on the right side – or perhaps even a full width slide that has 3 or 4 smaller promos below the slide. Split test the content of the static slide to see which content performs better. Also be sure to test multiple layout approaches to find the right balance and content.” –Matt Berglund, Creative Director

The messaging: There is so much going on here that we’re not sure where to look. We think things could be focused a bit better.

“Content OVERLOAD. There’s a lot of copy on the homepage, and combined with 6 slider frames, it’s overwhelming.” –Victoria Morehead, Creative Director

“The page is very text heavy—I’m not sure of the hierarchy or what’s most important, so my eyes are looking all over the place.” –Jamie Least, Junior Copywriter

The product tour button(s): There are two. We don’t know why. Also, one of them is sorta boring.

“The CTA (Get FREE Product Tour Now) doesn’t really stand out. A bold color might be a better choice than white.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

“The CTA (take the product tour) is in two places, right near each other, worded differently and with very different visual takes on the buttons. They should be more alike and a bit more spaced out on the page. This can help reinforce the desired action to the reader by using consistency as they scroll through the page.” –Jamie Least, Junior Copywriter

The font: It seems like a silly thing to test, but why wouldn’t you? Something as simple as increasing the font size could do a world of good here.

“Body copy is way too small and cramped. Because legibility is low, friction is very high on this page.” –Brooks Bell, President & CEO

Site speed: Actually, you don’t really have to test this. Making your site faster is always a good idea.

“A few ideas: Optimize images. Optimizing images is a great way to reduce your page load times. While you might not see a big difference on broadband connections, you might notice lag if the user is visiting your site from a mobile browser with a bad internet connection. Also, utilize CSS3 and HTML5. Sites that take advantage of these technologies will see the benefit of quicker load times. If some browsers do not support the new technologies, have the script degrade nicely for older browsers.” –Mike Adams, Web Developer

So, what do you think? What would you do with NetSuite’s index page and Test&Target? Give us your comments!