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Optimizely X – Our Experts Share Their Insights



Over the past couple of weeks, the Brooks Bell team travelled nearly 7,000 miles to attend Opticon in San Francisco and New York. Besides having a great time with many of our clients and the Optimizely team, we were lucky to be there for the official launch of Optimizely X -The Experimentation Platform.

Our main takeaway? Optimizely is focused on ‘experimentation everywhere’ and this new suite of tools really proves that point. They promise to allow brands to ‘deliver personalized experiences across every channel, every device, and every customer touchpoint.’ And, from what we’ve seen in live demo presented at the conferences and our team’s time in the tool, it looks like they are well on their way to delivering.

For more insight into the products, we’ve enlisted Naoshi Yamauchi and Mike Adams to share some insight on the new platform.

Optimizely X Web Experimentation
Built for the modern web with fast implementation, an easy-to-use visual editor, and one-click integrations means the entire organization can run experiments without requiring code.


Naoshi headshot“The new UI will definitely make test creation easier – it has an easy-to-use drag and drop feel which is usually reserved for consumer software. Also, I see a lot of power in having The Stats Engine being the central core of analysis. This will definitely help in reducing error rates.”
-Naoshi Yamauchi, President, Brooks Bell

Optimizely x Web Personalization
Incorporate all of your 1st-party and 3rd-party data, along with behavioral targeting to deliver tailored experiences to visitors in real time by creating integrated dynamic customer profiles.


Naoshi headshot“The ability to match customized assets to user behaviors is a great way for us to increase conversions for clients.
-Naoshi Yamauchi, President, Brooks Bell


Optimizely X Recommendations
Automatically add product, category and content recommendations to any webpage without the need of developers. Leverage machine learning to continuously improve your recommendations to deliver hands-off ROI. Experiment on algorithms, placement and presentation with native experimentation capabilities.


Naoshi headshot“The ease of use in Recommendations is awesome. This will open up a lot of doors for optimization, especially for retail companies.
-Naoshi Yamauchi, President, Brooks Bell


Optimizely X Full Stack
Designed with developers in mind, Full Stack runs experiments on any application in the most popular coding languages, including Python, Java, Ruby and Node with more SDKs to come. Enables product and engineering teams to experiment deeply and broadly across the technology stack, with server-side and client-side testing unified on a single experimentation platform, such as pricing, search results order or site redesigns.


Mike Adams headshot“The release of Optimizely X Full Stack opens the door to push your testing program to the next level by enabling your Developers to run the tests they’ve always wanted. Before this release, we were limited to only testing on the Front-End. Now we have the ability to test high impact, complex, backend changes to the site. Full functionality and algorithmic type tests can now be run, all with zero flicker for your visitor.”
-Mike Adams, Senior Director, Optimization Engineer, Brooks Bell

Optimizely X Mobile
Enhanced features and powerful developer tools allow companies to engage customers where they are, regardless of device by running experiments on apps built on iOS and Android. Instantly roll out new features without waiting for App Store or Google Play review.


Mike Adams headshot“If you have a native app and want to test in the app, Optimizely X Mobile is a great addition to your testing toolkit.”
-Mike Adams, Senior Director, Optimization Engineer, Brooks Bell


Optimizely X OTT
A brand new offering to enable experiments in any over-the-top (OTT) TV application using tvOS or Android TV, such as navigation, app layout, site design, featured content or integrated message testing.


Mike Adams headshot“This is another release that allows your testing program to expand past your website. Enabling tests on tvOS and AnroidTV gives you the ability to truly understand your customer and brand across many different touchpoints.”
-Mike Adams, Senior Director, Optimization Engineer, Brooks Bell



Miss Opticon or want more information on Optimizely X? Check out recordings from the NYC livestream.