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Personalization and Data Science Explained (Especially for Marketers!)


What do Will Ferrell, Chad Smith and Aaron Baker have in common?

The latter, Aaron Baker, is not super famous, but a little bit. He’s a Brooks Bell data scientist, and he explains what he has in common with Ferrell and Smith and much more in his webinar with Evergage Director of Product Marketing T.J. Prebil.

The goal of this Q&A style webinar is to explain personalization and data science to marketers. So, less industry jargon and more of the things that matter to digital marketers–like how they can best work with data scientists and use data to effectively cater to their respective audiences.

Couldn’t attend? No worries. Just click the link below for the replay.

A Marketer’s Q&A with a Data Scientist About Personalization

You’ll learn:

    • The 6 barriers prohibiting 1:1 personalization and how data scientists help eliminate them
    • The biggest challenges for data scientists and how to overcome them
  • The right combination of data, technology and process to get started on the right path with optimization and personalization

Watch now, and if you have any questions about how Brooks Bell can help you jump-start your personalization program, drop us a line or check out our Personalization Jumpstart overview.

Aaron Baker, Data Scientist
As a results-driven data scientist, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge in statistics, advanced algorithms and their role in experimentation to Brooks Bell’s analytics team and enterprise clients.  Before joining Brooks Bell, Aaron worked for such top brands as Lowe’s, Eastman and Hanes.  A true NC State fan, he holds a bachelor’s degree in in engineering and master’s degree in analytics.