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Star of the Week’ Spotlight: David DeFranza


Each week at Brooks Bell, we have a short meeting Friday morning with the entire team. During the meeting we get updates on tests and the company, and award a “Star of the Week.”

This week, our Star is content strategist, David DeFranza who joined the Brooks Bell team less than two months ago, and is already doing great client work.

david star of the week

David has been an awesome addition to the team. His client work is delivered quickly and very well done. His copy decks are ‘designer friendly’ complete with screen shots and color coordination. Overall, David has done an awesome job, not only this past week, but ever since he was hired.” – Lou Pascucci, Interactive Designer and previous Star of the Week.

Where are you from and how did you end up in Raleigh at Brooks Bell?

I grew up in northern New York state, between the Adirondack Mountains and the St. Lawrence River. Then I went to college in New Hampshire and spent a year working in Japan. Eventually, I found myself working for a major media company in Washington, D.C., and in 2011 I moved to Chapel Hill so my partner could pursue her Ph.D. I started at Brooks Bell in June—and so far I’ve loved it.

Which of Brooks Bell’s core values resonates with you most and why?

Right now, I am working my way through a master’s degree in technology and communications at UNC, so “Pursue Knowledge” really resonates with me. Beyond formal education, I love learning whether it’s from a book, a video, or some smart, knowledgeable person—needless to say, the last is plentiful here at Brooks Bell.

What would you test? (Other than client testing, of course)

Doughnuts, definitely. Or maybe marshmallows. Or Peeps. Wait, did you say test or eat?

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I don’t know if I would call it my “greatest” or “dumbest” accomplishment, but last October I completed my first 100-mile foot race. In the end it was 101.4 miles and about 22 and a half hours stumbling along trails in a desert in Arizona.


The Brooks Bell Star of the Week is a team member who has gone above and beyond typical expectations during the week. The award is designed to empower our team and ensure everyone’s hard work is appreciated and recognized.

The winner receives a large trophy they get to keep for the entire week, fully equipped with extra Nerf darts (extra protection for those impromptu Nerf wars). They also get the honor of selecting the following week’s winner.

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