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Star of the Week’ Spotlight: Sally Smith


Each week at Brooks Bell, we have a short meeting Friday morning with the entire team. During the meeting we get updates on tests and the company, and award a “Star of the Week.”

This week, our Star is client coordinator, Sally Smith. As a new member of the Brooks Bell team, Sally has done a great job organizing meetings with clients and ensuring that client work stays on track. Congratulations Sally!

sally star

Where are you from and how did you end up in Raleigh at Brooks Bell?

I’m originally from Statesville, NC. I graduated college from NC State and spent the past few years working at WRAL-TV here in Raleigh where I was a TV news producer. While I love the news business, I started to consider jobs in other fields. A friend of mine told me to look into Brooks Bell. I quickly fell in love with the company’s mission. The testing and online optimization field also really interested me. I applied for an open position—and the rest is history!

Which of Brooks Bell’s core values resonates with you most and why?

Empower Each Other. I really love being part of a team. I think relationships are important and needing others is essential to life. I just love observing the dynamics that make up a team. I believe that naturally as humans, we tend to think of ourselves first. So going against the grain and challenging yourself to think from another person’s perspective, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and trusting others is pretty rewarding.

If you had the BB team over for dinner, what would you make for all of us?

Lasagna. For sure. The lasagna I make can feed an army, so no one will leave hungry.

What are you reading right now?

I’ve been reading The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Set in 19th century Russia, it’s a novel centered around a family and the strange scenarios each family member gets into. It focuses on man’s internal struggles with God, humanity, trust, doubt and faith (just to name a few.) It is a great depiction of how people interact with and affect one another. While it is fiction, I think there are some observations about humanity that have stood the test of time. 

On a lighter note, I just started following a Calvin and Hobbes account on Twitter.


The Brooks Bell Star of the Week is a team member who has gone above and beyond typical expectations during the week. The award is designed to empower our team and ensure everyone’s hard work is appreciated and recognized.

The winner receives a large trophy they get to keep for the entire week, fully equipped with extra Nerf darts (extra protection for those impromptu Nerf wars). They also get the honor of selecting the following week’s winner.


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