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“Star of the Week” Spotlight: Carissa Nickel


Each week at Brooks Bell, we have a short meeting Friday morning with the entire team. During the meeting we get updates on tests and the company, and award a “Star of the Week.”

This week, our star is executive assistant and office manager Carissa Nickel! She is the brains behind all of the awesome team-building and fun events here at the office. She does a great job keeping us all happy and is one of the many reasons Brooks Bell is a great place to work! Congratulations Carissa!


What do you like to do outside of work? Any hobbies? 

I enjoy traveling, being with friends and family, playing kickball and reading. As long as I’m with good people I’m a happy person! 

What’s the best part about working at Brooks Bell? 

Getting to be around amazing and incredibly smart people day in and day out. The office is also pretty darn wonderful! 

At Brooks Bell we value a healthy lifestyle. What do you do to stay healthy? 

To stay healthy I enjoy doing hot yoga, walking, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and other things. I also try to eat relatively healthy, go to my doctor for an annual physical and keep up with my dentist appointments! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something I continuously work at and is one of my top goals. 

The Brooks Bell Star of the Week is a team member who has gone above and beyond typical expectations during the week. The award is designed to empower our team and ensure everyone’s hard work is appreciated and recognized.

The winner receives a large trophy they get to keep for the entire week, fully equipped with extra Nerf darts (extra protection for those impromptu Nerf wars). They also get the honor of selecting the following week’s winner.

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