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“Star of the Week” Spotlight: Molly Bruckman


Each week at Brooks Bell, we have a short meeting Friday morning with the entire team. During the meeting we get updates on tests and the company, and award a “Star of the Week.”

This week, our Star is support analyst, Molly Bruckman. Molly is always on top of things, but also does a great job of balancing internal projects with client work. Congratulations Molly!

molly star 4 edited

Are you reading anything interesting right now?
I just started reading a book I picked up from the Brooks Bell collection – The Two Second Advantage, which immediately drew me in with a Gretzky metaphor!

Continued learning is one of our focuses this year at Brooks Bell. What new skills, technologies or strategies are you working to learn?
I’m continuing to enhance my knowledge of SQL and R, which I use daily to improve our efficiency and develop tools for the team. I’m also working to beef up my presentation skills and am learning some basic jQuery when I have some free time.

Favorite spot in Raleigh to hang out?
I love to spend time around Lake Johnson. There is a really neat water falloff area that is tucked away and is quite serene and relaxing after a heavy storm. The rocks get very slick but it’s worth the risk of slipping to be in the middle of it!

The Brooks Bell Star of the Week is a team member who has gone above and beyond typical expectations during the week. The award is designed to empower our team and ensure everyone’s hard work is appreciated and recognized.

The winner receives a large trophy they get to keep for the entire week, fully equipped with extra Nerf darts (extra protection for those impromptu Nerf wars). They also get the honor of selecting the following week’s winner.

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