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Testing Industry Evolution: Adobe Test&Target and [x+1] Integration


Old-school isn’t that cool.

In college, a professor told me “when you try talking to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.” Traditional marketing tends to fall into this trap by creating campaigns that cast a wide net, catching a majority of their audience, but neglecting to target anyone according to specific behaviors, demographics, etc.

Thankfully, the rise of digital marketing and A/B testing has given marketers, analysts and creatives an incredible advantage: segmenting audiences and finding out exactly what speaks to each group. Now, we can create more relevant and richer user experiences that increase conversion potential both now, and in the long run.


The industry is evolving. Are you?

We take pride in searching for better, faster tools that help us optimize our testing process. And as we see industry testing standards shift, we’re excited to share new developments by our peers and partners that can help us all advance our expertise.

Integrations like the one between Adobe® Test&Target and [x+1]—the leader in digital multi-channel audience targeting—are becoming more common and can help us precisely target our audiences. Of course, we took the opportunity to get hands-on with the program see how these companies worked to create [x+1] DMP.

The development of [x+1] DMP allows [x+1] to use data from nearly any source to create sophisticated segmentation based on visitor behavior and can be integrated with your Test&Target campaigns. This capability adds a level of intelligence to your test planning and reporting that neither program can deliver on its own.



You’ve got the data. Now make it work.

Discovering your most valuable segments can be a turning point for your company—but only if you know what to do with the knowledge. Programs like [x+1] DMP can help marketers leverage this information in two ways:

  • Target audience segments for test campaigns
  • Determine how different segments behave within different test experiences to enhance your reporting


Set yourself up for success.

The first unique function of [x+1] DMP is intelligent targeting, which requires only minor changes to your usual campaign setup before you can start adding [x+1] segments to your Test&Target reports. Once this setup is complete, you’re able to target audiences with precision. Next, you can tap into your strategists and creatives to construct smart UX design and messaging that sets the stage for increased conversions.


Spread the love.

The second new function in Test&Target is using profile segments on the reporting side to determine behavioral differences within your campaign. Rather than targeting a campaign to an audience, you can create a test campaign for all visitors to see how each segment differs within the same campaign. Once your [x+1] segments are set up in Test&Target, you can monitor each group’s reaction to various offers, giving you insight not only on your offers, but also on groups you may not have noticed.


What’s your story?

Whether you discover new segments, tools or methods, staying alert to the latest developments will help to optimize your testing process. We’d love to hear about your discoveries, new tools or techniques and how they’ve impacted your testing, so please share your stories in the comments below!