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Testing Insanity! (Wherein We Give Testing Ideas for Beachbody’s Insanity Program): Landing Page Audit


Insanity: In this case, we’re not talking clinical diagnosis. We’re talking the greatest fitness craze since Billy Blanks took you through Tae Bo. Today we’re taking a look at Beachbody’s Insanity landing page.

Here’s the page we’re looking at:

Screen Shot 2012-02-17 at 9.38.09 AM


Video: Hey, we’re selling a workout video, so using video on the page makes sense, right?

“When selling DVDs or something similar, using a video on the page is a must. Beachbody does a good job by putting the video in a very prominent spot on the page.” –Mike Adams, Web Developer 

The Explanation: Insanity is a little bit of a scary name, but BeachBody puts the definition up front and makes you aware of it right away.

“I like that it’s clear what Insanity is: ’60-Day Total-Body Conditioning Program.’ That’s short, sweet and above-the-fold.” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

Social Proof: Those star ratings in the top right help a potential customer see that other people have tried it, used it, and liked it.

“In fitness programs, I think social proof has to be front and center. I like the star ratings at the top and the Before & After image, although it might be better if that were nearer the top of the page.” –Sonja Foust, Marketing Manager


Information section: This page has a LOT of info on it and a lot of different modules of information. We’d like to see a test on the workout DVD section at the bottom.

“One place that stands out to me for an easy test is the section that displays the 10 workouts at the bottom of the page. (See image below.) They currently do not have an mBox around this area for testing but could easily run a test here. I think a good test would be to utilize larger images and a jQuery slider with an overlying CTA.” –Mike Adams, Web Developer


The Headline: “Are you ready to dig deep?” is a pretty compelling headline, but it’s an opportunity for a test.

“The CTA could be a chance to test copy. (Perhaps, ‘YES! I want INSANE results in 60 days,’ would increase conversions.)” –Rachel Healy, Copywriter

Test Strategy: Anyone can run a test, but getting the best testing strategy for your product and traffic can be tricky.

“Looking at Quantcast to get a sense of monthly traffic visitors to the site (325k), I’m not sure if 7 Mboxes just for this one particular page is necessary. My preference would be to focus on testing larger conversion factors rather than many small elements.” –Naoshi Yamauchi, VP, Analytics & Testing

What do you think? How would you use Test&Target to get some conversion lifts for Beachbody? Do you agree with our Test&Target experts?