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That Reg Path Looks Fabulous on You: Making a shoe-of-the-month club site walk its talk.


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I never expected Kim Kardashian to have any sort of effect on my life, let alone a profound one.  But that loveable little scamp has become the front woman of a brilliant business: a shoe of the month club. And now that I’m a member, I can enthusiastically blog about it.

The ShoeDazzle.com homepage is stylish and navigable. If you aren’t immediately drawn in by a pouting Kim surrounded by multiple pairs of hot shoes, then the quick bullet points and prominent price point surely will do the trick. The features of the club are compelling, and so is the fixed price for each pair of shoes. A tiny improvement for this page would be changing the background to solid white. The copy will be easier to read, and Kim and her shoes will pop more.

Little extras add a lot.

The navigation at the top offers links that further explain the club, and how it works. Below the fold, there are three main actions for page visitors: look at shoe samples, choose a gift card option or get started. Additional information about the “shoe experts” and a testimonial round off the page nicely.

Maintain interest—ask about them.

Most people, especially women, loved to be asked questions about themselves. When it comes to fashion, everyone has a unique style, and the Shoedazzle Fashion Survey is designed to pinpoint the types of shoes you’d be attracted to based on your answers. Smart. And accurate, judging by the number of women in my office that have joined and ordered adorable shoes.

Keep the momentum going.

The page between finishing the survey and joining is quick and effective. It lets the potential member know that she is almost finished, reminds them of the fantastic product that can be expected from joining, and assures that the survey answers will be assessed by the fashion experts—after registration is complete. Another smart technique. One of the biggest thrills of this club, besides the great shoes and the low price, is seeing which five pairs are picked for you each month. A brief testimonial underlines the customer satisfaction. Each button in the reg path uses a “NEXT” message as the CTA.

Ask for information in small doses.

The registration process starts off easily enough. Login information is asked for—just an email address and password of your choice. A security message is included, and a pre-checked option for receiving the ShoeDazzle newsletter, special offer and updates. Another testimonial is tucked under the button. It’s quick, has a few friction-busters, and you’re on to the next step.

You want my what?

When joining an anything-of-the-month club, the friction starts when asked for a credit card. This is a commitment, and monthly commitments can put people off. The cool thing about ShoeDazzle.com is that your card is not charged until you pick a pair of shoes. So if you sign up in January, and you skip the next two months and then see a pair you have to have in March, your card will not be charged until you buy that pair. From then, each month, you’ll have to go in and either say “skip this month,” “buy this pair,” or “send me five new selections.”

This is a great way to run a program, and gives the member a few options, and more than a few ways to get over any potential anxiety. The payment page alleviates a lot of that anxiety as well by highlighting the free shipping, and explaining the  process right above the fields for entering your credit card information.

Don’t judge the program until you’ve stood in its shoes.

So far I’ve purchased three pairs of shoes using the ShoeDazzle.com “shoe society.” All shoes are shipped free, and return shipping for exchange is also free—each pair comes with a pre-printed FedEx label. Besides the quality of the shoes, which is excellent, I also think this program is well thought out, well-run and well done. I would not have joined if the online experience was not so smooth and professional.

Yes, this is my second blog post involving shoes. And to some, a shoe-of-the-month club may seem frivolous (they can invest in a bacon-of-the-month club instead). But considering how well done the site is, how simple and compelling the conversion path is and how absolutely perfect the program is…frivolity has never looked so fabulous.