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The Future of Personalization: Brooks Bell and Evergage Weigh In on New Partnership


Brooks Bell is excited to announce that our experts are partnering with the experts at Evergage, a cutting-edge personalization platform! Read on to see why we’ve chosen this strategic partnership and what Evergage has to offer.

In Josh’s Words: A Partnership Based On Values

Josh St. John,
VP of Partnerships at Brooks Bell

Personalization continues to be a hot button for marketers. At Brooks Bell, our teams are relentless in the pursuit of knowledge, and we’re always on the lookout for next-level tools that can deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients. Because of this, I’m excited to share that our company has forged a brand-new partnership with the cutting-edge personalization platform, Evergage.

As we finalized the partnership, our president, Naoshi Yamauchi, shared his enthusiasm for the platform with me. “Our clients have customer-centric cultures and need to provide their customers with relevant, individualized experiences,” he said. “Personalization has become for many a critical part of their strategies, allowing companies to break through clutter and connect with their audiences in a meaningful and engaging way. Evergage is building cutting-edge personalization solutions, and we’re excited to combine our expertise with theirs to help more companies achieve their customer experience objectives and business goals.”

For months, our Analytics team has conducted research and tested the Evergage platform. We’ve visited their corporate headquarters and invited them to our offices in Raleigh to get to know the company, their solutions set and their technical capabilities.

We’ve also built a strong relationship with their team and had the opportunity to learn about their company culture – which is very similar to ours. Like us, they’re driven by offering the highest-quality customer experiences, and their business is rooted in data-based outcomes. They hold their company values in high regard and even feature them as illustrations in common areas. Sounds familiar!

The platform was right. The parallels between our company cultures were significant. But what makes our Analysts geek out about the platform?

In Reid’s Words: Why Evergage Stands Out

Reid Bryant,
VP of Analytics and Data Science at Brooks Bell

While some platforms promote how their technology will replace your analyst team, Evergage is betting on the value your quants can bring to the table.  In doing so, black box solutions were eschewed to provide a choice among algorithms – each customizable by boosters and exclusions that allow data scientists to adjust output based on their own models and domain knowledge.  I also believe that their bet on “people” and company culture transcends the way they do business, aligning well with our core values.

The Brooks Bell team has been optimizing site experiences for years, and now, we can extend our core expertise to optimizing algorithms, empowering our clients to take the next step in their personalization journeys.  The core tenet of measurement over a control is foundational to the Evergage solution and our shared desire to prove tangible value for our clients.

As a digitally-focused data scientist, I’m excited about Evergage’s desire to define affinity using data points contextualized by recency and frequency of user interactions. This can include a unified customer profiletime on page, purchases, auxiliary engagement metrics, category views and more.

Sample Unified Customer Profile View in Evergage:Unified Customer Profile View in Evergage

The platform does not define personalization by narrowly focusing on recommendation capabilities. Their current offering and future product roadmap points to providing personalization solutions that span channels as well as UX changes, navigational elements, relevant search and, of course, recommendation modules.  This partnership will place their advanced technology in the hands of our team of experts, allowing us to provide value to our clients by helping them better understand and serve each of their customers as individuals.

In Karl and Josh’s Words: Evergage and Brooks Bell – Forging Ahead

Karl Wirth,
CEO of Evergage

If you think about your life as a consumer for a few seconds, you can probably identify several occasions where you saw a marketing message that missed the mark with you. Maybe you saw a digital retargeted ad for a product you were never interested in, or received an email promoting a sale in a category you have never shopped before, or perhaps a message targeted to the wrong gender. With so much noise in today’s world, marketers are challenged to be as relevant as possible to each individual that engages with them across channels. That’s why we founded Evergage: to make it easy for businesses to provide these unique experiences to individuals to capture their attention and foster loyalty. We believe that from now on, the most successful companies will be those that treat their shoppers, prospects and customers as the unique individuals that they are.

Today, marketers across industries use Evergage to identify the preferences and in-the-moment intent of individuals across channels, leveraging deep behavioral data stored in a unified customer profile for each person. Then, marketers can leverage machine-learning algorithms and/or rule-based targeting to deliver personalized experiences to those individuals — all in real time. For example, an e-commerce site can identify when a visitor lands on the site from an ad campaign for a specific product category and feature that category prominently on the homepage. Then, as that visitor navigates the site, it can identify the categories, brands, colors, price ranges, etc. that she prefers and use that information to display the most relevant experience for her. Those experiences can take the form of recommending products or content, displaying promotions or other images, sorting search results, rearranging the site navigation, and more.

In the example below, after using Evergage to ascertain category preferences, a marketer can recommend relevant categories to an individual.

Our ultimate goal is to help our customers create the best customer experiences possible. To accomplish that, we need to establish strong relationships with leading partners. We look to partner with agencies, system integrators and technology providers that share our values, work with similar clients and provide services that complement Evergage’s real-time personalization platform.

Josh Baumrind,
SVP of Partnerships and Corporate Development at Evergage

At Evergage, we have high standards for partners. We always judge our potential partners on at least five key areas: target market alignment, complementary services, a strong value proposition for our customers, cultural fit and a strong focus on building partnerships. Brooks Bell is a premier experimentation consultancy that helps an impressive list of clients optimize their programs. Its data-driven culture and relentless focus on continuous iteration and customer results complements our platform and our culture perfectly. Personalization campaigns across channels simply cannot be successful without the right strategy, regular testing, iteration and measurement. We are excited to work with Brooks Bell to help our mutual customers create powerful one-to-one experiences driven by machine learning that drive results and achieve their fullest potential through experimentation.

Come learn more in Boston at The Personalization Summit on Sept. 14 at the Boston Park Plaza! This free special event will focus on the current and future state of one-to-one personalization in the age of machine learning, and you can register here. We hope to see you there!


About the Authors

Josh St. John, VP of Partners & Channels, connects Brooks Bell and our clients to enterprise technology partners and business channels to provide the solution sets needed to achieve the best-in-class experimentation programs. Josh has over 15 years’ experience working in a range of sectors for a number of America’s favorite brands, including Microsoft, Nickelodeon, and Toys ‘R’ Us. Josh has a MBA from NC State University, with concentrations in both marketing and product innovation, and a BS in Health Sciences and Business from Ohio University.

Reid Bryant, VP of Analytics and Data Science, leads an analytics team responsible for providing the data-driven strategies, insights, and recommendations that guide our optimization efforts. He has 12 years of experience working in analytics, with roles spanning the real estate, finance, and e-commerce sectors, and expertise in data science, data mining, and applied statistics. Reid holds a Master’s in Analytics from Institute of Advanced Analytics at NC State and a BSBA from Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Karl Wirth is the CEO and Co-founder of Evergage. Passionate about helping businesses improve conversion rates through relevant, in-context communication, Karl leverages his background to support leading companies in retail, financial services, technology, travel, media and gaming drive measurable benefits from real-time personalization. Prior to Evergage, Karl spent 10 years as a product and marketing innovator at a variety of companies including RSA Security and Red Hat. He led the development of next-gen software businesses in security, cloud-computing and marketing technology. Karl graduated from Harvard with a degree in Physics.

Josh Baumrind is the Senior VP of Partnerships and Corporate Development, leading our strategic alliances with firms in the value chain including agencies, consultancies, system integrators and technology providers. He is an industry veteran with a deep background in SaaS technology and is a respected thought leader on the future of omni-channel commerce. For 18 years, prior to joining Evergage, Josh developed organic and M&A growth strategies contributing to multi-million dollar revenue streams at leading companies including Kibo Commerce (formerly MarketLive), Janrain, VerticalResponse, CNET Networks and LetsTalk.com. Josh holds an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA in Marketing from Johnson State College.